Oil Paintings

FREEDOM. Oil on Canvas. 23.5"x12". 2014. 4th of July.  Brooklyn rooftop.  Despite a fear of heights, Lyla anxiously awaits the sunset so the fireworks can begin.

42nd & 2nd. Oil on Canvas. 36"x24". 2014. Standing on the bridge between 2nd and 3rd Ave. NYC, looking down 42nd street, just reminds you how the city never fails in offering up countless inspirations.  You can visit this spot countless times and yet each time it is new.

THE WANDERER. Oil on Canvas. 23.6"x6". 2014. A person in search...

SANGFROID. Oil on Canvas. 36"x24". 2015. With all the terrorism, war and death in the world today, I, like many others, am often overcome with the feeling of helplessness and shock that causes a 'freezing' of my very existence.  Where everything unnaturally stands still despite all the chaos around.

RADIANCE. Oil on Canvas. 36"x12". 2014. Despite all the turmoil, chaos and suffering; strength, confidence and determination radiate.

INDOMITABLE. Oil on Canvas. 35.5"x23.5". 2014. Defiant against the status quo. A pheonix. Determined to rise again.

THAR I. Oil on Canvas. 6"x6". 2014.

THAR II. Oil on Canvas. 6"x6". 2014.

ENCHANTED. Oil on Paper. 13.5"x23". 2014. Something about the woman in a veil.  Covered faces in order to deter peering eyes, yet the adornments make it irresistible to look away. 

RENOUNCE. Oil on Canvas. 35.5"x47.5". 2014. Something about brushing it off your shoulder...

ENIGMA. Oil on Paper. 23.5"x16". 2014. Inspired by the women of Thar.  Living in a desert and faced with severe environmental challenges, the way these women wear color, motifs and jewellery is inspiring.

ARTIST'S MOTHER. Oil on Paper. 12"x15". 2014. Sumbul on one of her many vacations, enjoying the beach.  This piece was done using a palette knife resulting in all the texture that is seen.

HORIZON. Oil on Paper. 22"x14.5". 2014. The desert horizon offers mysteries beyond the human imagination. Even in the face of great adversity, sometimes keeping your eyes on the horizon can lead to immense contentment and serenity.

HETEROGENEITY. Oil on Canvas. 30"x20". 2014. The various revelations within.

THE RAVISHING THAR. Oil on Paper. 23.5"x16.5". 2014. The beautiful colors of Thar combined with their love for pattern and jewelry.

INSIGHT. Oil on Canvas. 30"x20". 2014. Aware of her reality, yet unwilling to surrender. This is the inspiring resilience of the people of drought stricken Thar.

SILENCE. Oil on Paper. 16"x23.5". 2014. There is a moment when everything becomes peaceful, still and infinite. That serenity can only be described by silence.

DEPARTURE. Oil on Canvas. 23.5"x12". 2014. Surrender and release.

REFLECTION. Oil on Canvas. 35.5"x23.5". 2014. The fragmentation of the self.

UNDYING HOPE. Oil on Canvas. 23.5"x16". 2014. The plight of the people of drought striken Thar.

THAR III. Oil on Canvas. 6"x6". 2014.

THAR IV. Oil on Canvas. 6"x6". 2014.